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Warwick Celebrates: Before the Day

The Warwick Celebrates: Before the Day FAQs below are for graduates from the Summer 2020, Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 graduating cohorts whose original ceremonies were postponed due to Covid-19. Full information can be found at Warwick Celebrates: 5-15 July 2022 Ceremonies.

Students due to graduate in July 2022 (including current finalist undergraduates and postgraduate students awarded their degree after December 2021) will not be invited to these ceremonies and should instead refer to the 18-27 July 2022 Ceremonies page for information about the normal July 2022 Degree Ceremonies and our Standard Degree Congregations FAQs.
About the Ceremonies

The Warwick Celebrates ceremonies will be held from Tuesday 5 - Friday 15 July 2022 (including Saturday and Sunday). There will be two ceremonies a day.

Departments and their courses/cohorts are assigned to a particular ceremony date and time, and you will be invited to the relevant ceremony for your course/cohort, as listed on the Warwick Celebrates Schedule. Joint courses will be assigned to the ceremony at which the lead administrative department has responsibility for the joint course. If you are unsure, please contact us to confirm which ceremony you will attend.

Please be assured that all departments and cohorts have been allocated a ceremony. Please note that there are two ceremonies held each day, one at 11.00 and one at 15.00. If you are viewing the schedule on a mobile, you may need to scroll to the right to see the afternoon ceremony allocations.

If you are still unsure, please contact us to confirm which ceremony you will attend.

The Warwick Celebrates schedule has been created based on graduate responses to the register your interest email sent to the Summer 2020, Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 cohorts in November 2021. Following that email, we have been able to add additional dates for the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies, due to higher than initially anticipated demand to attend.

At this stage, we are not able to allocate you to an alternative Warwick Celebrates ceremony and when we open registration for the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies, you will only be able to register to attend your allocated ceremony as per the published schedule. Once registration has opened, however, it may be that we are able to change your allocation to an alternative Warwick Celebrates ceremony, with which ceremony it is being subject to capacity.

If you are unable to attend your allocated Warwick Celebrates ceremony, but are able to attend other Warwick Celebrates ceremonies, you can contact us providing more information. We will save your email and revisit it again approximately one week before registration for Warwick Celebrates closes. We will then do everything we can to accommodate your request, but cannot make any guarantees at this stage.

If you are unable to attend a Warwick Celebrates ceremony this summer, you will have the ability to attend on the day of future graduation ceremonies (including 18-27 July 2022) to hire robes and have photos taken, but not to join a ceremony. If this is an option you would like to take up, please let us know via this email address, and we can facilitate the arrangements.

Eligibility Requirements

Only graduates from the Summer 2020, Winter 2021 and Summer 2021 cohorts are eligible to attend Warwick Celebrates ceremonies. No other graduands/graduates are eligible to attend. Winter 2022 graduates will be invited to attend ceremonies in January 2023. All other graduating students will be invited to Degree Congregations as normal, in the Butterworth Hall.

Graduates from these cohorts with outstanding study related debt are not eligible to attend.

In December 2021, we had to take the difficult decision to postpone our Degree Congregations in January 2022 due to the continuing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The decision was driven by the situation at that time, and additionally it was felt that given the circumstances, we would not have been able to provide the experience our graduands deserve. We were very disappointed to have to do this and recognise that this disappointment was felt most by graduates and your families and friends.

January 2022 graduates are being invited back to campus for ceremonies in January 2023. We are delaying the ceremonies until January 2023 so that they can be delivered to the standard you deserve, giving you the best possible experience when celebrating your outstanding achievement. The reason for inviting graduates back in January 2023 and not July 2022, as previously indicated, is to ensure there is sufficient capacity for all graduates wanting to attend a ceremony. This is what we mean by ensuring they can be delivered to the standard you deserve. It is not in relation to any Covid-19 mitigation measures. A number of options were considered in detail before reaching this decision. Unfortunately, due to capacity and date restrictions for this summer, we have not been able to invite January 2022 graduates and ensure all graduates wanting to attend a ceremony are able to do so. We do hope you will be able to join us for a ceremony in January 2023 to celebrate your achievements. We are aiming to publish the schedule for January 2023 in the summer.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate requests from students due to graduate at the normal Degree Congregation in July 2022 to attend the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies in early July 2022 instead. There are a number of reasons behind this stance, including, but not limited to the different operating models and registration systems for the two events, the fact that you will not be eligible to graduate at the point registration opens for the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies and because awards will not be conferred in time to be eligible to attend the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies.

Registration and Tickets

Registration for the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies is now open. You will receive an invitation email from us with further instructions on how to register.

Registration will be via the University's official robemaker Ede and Ravenscroft's website using their eNet system.

While every effort has been made to ensure there will be sufficient capacity in each ceremony, based on responses to the register your interest email sent in November 2021, the venue for graduation ceremonies has a maximum capacity so not all graduates are guaranteed a place. Places are booked on a first-come, first-served basis so we strongly advise you to complete the online registration as early as possible once open to avoid disappointment.

In the event that your allocated ceremony reaches capacity, we will both operate a waiting list and make every effort to allocate you to another Warwick Celebrates ceremony.

No. Only graduates wanting to attend need to register.

The University's official robemakers Ede and Ravenscroft (E&R) will be supporting the University in managing registration and bookings for the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies (5-15 July 2022). This means we will need to share limited information (your full name, student ID, course and award data) with E&R to ensure the registration process is as simple and easy as possible. No other personal data will be shared, and the data gathered will only be used to enable you to register your attendance. After the ceremony, your personal data will be deleted by E&R. If you will not be attending your graduation ceremony, and do not wish for your personal data to be shared with E&R, please complete this form by Sunday 13 March 2022. Completion of this form will result in you not being able to register to attend a Warwick Celebrates ceremony.

If you have accidentally completed this form, please contact us including your ID number and name along with details of your query and we will be able to delete your submission/s.

Registration is now open. If you are unable to register and believe you are eligible, please contact us

Graduate tickets are free and include free robe hire, a formal photograph (taken as you cross the stage) and a celebratory drink.

We can only guarantee two guest tickets for entrance to the ceremony. When registering, graduates will be able to purchase up to two guest tickets at a charge of £20 (per guest), payable upon registration for the event. The cost includes a welcome drink per guest.

Tickets are not emailed/posted - they are collected on the day of your Warwick Celebrates ceremony in the same venue as your robes. Tickets can only be collected by graduates.

We do not post tickets. Tickets may only be collected on the day of your ceremony. Please refer to the timetable for the day for collection details (read more).

Tickets can be collected by graduates only. Proof of identity will be requested when collecting tickets

You will collect your ticket and guest tickets before you collect your robe. Please ensure that you give the tickets to your guests before you separate from them to join the graduate entrance queue on the day, as your guests will need to enter through a separate door and will not be allowed to enter the ceremony without the tickets. You must keep your own ticket with you at all times because you will need your ticket in order to enter the venue and it has your seat number on it.

You can change your details by re-accessing the online registration process, anytime up until the registration deadline. After the deadline, it depends how close we are to the event as to what options are still available to you, but you should contact us as soon as you know you cannot attend to discuss what options you have at that time. We regret that we cannot issue ticket refunds where requests are received after the registration deadline.

No. Guest tickets are non-transferrable and once the graduate registration deadline has passed, are non-refundable. Anyone not able attend a Warwick Celebrates ceremony should not purchase guest tickets. Graduate and guest tickets are only available for collection on the day and only by the graduate who has purchased them. Photo ID will be required to collect tickets.

Your name will be crossed off the list of names to be called out.

You will not be permitted to attend a future ceremony.

Refunds for any guest tickets purchased will not be given, however, you may be able to secure refunds from Ede and Ravenscroft directly for any pre-ordered photos.

Hiring Your Robes

Yes, everybody graduating will need to wear full Academic Robes (read more). You will need to book robes (hiring is free of charge for Warwick Celebrates ceremonies) at the same time as registering and purchasing any guest tickets. Robes must be ordered from our provider, Ede and Ravenscroft.

You will not be able to cross the stage unless you are wearing the correct Warwick robes.

A gown, hood and hat will need to be worn during the ceremony.

You should order your robes at the same time as registering to attend your ceremony and purchasing any guest tickets.

You will be able to order your robes at the same time as registering to attend your ceremony and purchasing any guest tickets.

You will be able to hire (free of charge) or purchase robes if you prefer. You will need to know your height, chest and hat size to order your robe - please have this information to hand when you order.

A brief description of the colours and images is available in our Robe and Hood Colours section.

You will need to collect your robes on the day of your graduation, prior to your ceremony, from the ticketing and robing area in the Sports Hub. There will be staff on hand to guide you if you are unsure where this is.

University regulations currently state that all graduates must be smartly dressed (e.g. a lounge suit with shirt and tie, a formal dress or a skirt and blouse).

Members of the armed forces may wear the appropriate uniform and members of religious orders their normal mode of dress. Graduates may also wear national dress.

Staff will be checking that graduates are smartly dressed. Any graduates whose clothes are considered unsuitable (e.g. jeans/trainers) will be excluded from the ceremony (read more).

TIP: Although the hood is secured with velcro to your gown, it may also be useful to bring pins or safety pins so you can secure your hood at the shoulders so it does not slip back or slide off your shoulders. You may also wish to bring hair grips to help secure your hat.

Information for Overseas Students

Please see full information about Visas for Warwick Celebrates ceremonies on our website.

If you require further visa related advice, please contact the Student Immigration & Compliance team directly using their online formLink opens in a new window.

Extra Guest Tickets

In the event that there is spare capacity following the graduate registration deadline, additional (non-refundable) guest tickets will be made available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis, at a charge of £20, payable upon purchase. The cost includes a welcome drink per guest.

Subject to availability, extra guest tickets will go on sale at 10:00 Tuesday 10 May 2022.

Extra guest tickets will be limited to a maximum of one per graduate, subject to availability and purchased on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to seating capacity and the number of attending graduates there is always a limit on the number of guests tickets we can allocate. There will be no way for anyone to purchase a ticket on the day of the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies and anyone without a ticket should not attend on the day.

Other Guest Questions

Guest tickets for entrance to the ceremony are not numbered and staff will direct your guests to seats inside the venue. Guests who wish to sit together should enter the venue together. Wherever possible we will make every effort to seat all members of the same party together, however, guests are equally welcome to sit separately from other members of your party if they wish. Please read our guest section for further details.

Please inform us via the registration process if any of your guests have accessible seating requirements, including if any of your guests are wheelchair users, otherwise we cannot guarantee we will be able to support their needs on the day. If circumstances change and you no longer, or now do, require alternative seating requirements for your guests, please let us know as soon as possible. Note that the venue for the Warwick Celebrates ceremonies is a flat floor and fully accessible venue.

Guests are not required to be smartly dressed. However, as it is a formal event most guests do prefer to be appropriately dressed for the occasion (e.g. collar and tie).


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