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Careers support for international students

Warwick students standing in a row in front of multi-coloured wall panels outside the Faculty of Arts Building

Welcome to the University of Warwick’s Career Support for International Students.  

Warwick aims to boost your career prospects and helps you to achieve your vision of career success so you get the job that's right for you.

We will support you during your course at Warwick, and up to two years after you graduate.

It's never too early to think about your future career and this is even more important for international students. In fact, there's a lot we'd advise you do before you even arrive.

Essential information

Timeline: what to do, when

It's never too early to prepare for your future career: find out here what to do before, during and after your studies.

Part time work while studying

Explore a variety of part-time opportunities to earn as you learn, and consider applying for numerous openings both on campus and beyond.

Visa pathways

Explore your visa options to stay in the UK after your course.

Essential information

Find out about other essential steps to work in the UK including National Insurance numbers and share code.

Support and opportunities

Hear from our students and graduates

Read about Warwick graduates' international careers stories.

"Quality > Quantity: Sending out 10 perfectly tailored applications is way better than going on a job application spree and applying to a 100. Remember that your application reflects your willingness to put effort into work and the employers can definitely notice that through the application documents you send them."

Ozair Hudli, MSc Engineering Business Management

"Don’t just follow the crowd blindly, understand what you're looking for in a job. Having clarity about your career goals, preferred work environment, and industry will not only help you in the search but also in acing interviews."

Anoushka Chati, MSc Management for Business Excellence