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Content in Mahara

Content in Mahara refers to reusable elements such as images, files, video, as well as plans (or To Do lists), CPD records and notes created on individual pages. These are also, in most cases, referred to as 'artefacts'. To access existing, or add new, artefacts, click on the Main Menu and expand + Create to see available content types - files, journals, notes, plans and CV (this section also contains a link to pages and collections, and to the tags page).

Mahara Menu - Create


Content items are referred to as Artefacts.

Artefacts appear as items that can be added from the left hand side block menu which are then dragged and dropped onto the page. These will prompt you to link to existing items in one of the sections below or to create / upload new content directly onto the page.

The block menu for adding content to pages


The Files area is a repository, i.e. a document storage for folders and files, that you can use within your portfolio. Both folders and files are considered artefacts and as such can be added to a page. You may create any number of folders or sub folders. To view which subfolders and files sit within a folder, click on the folder name. Use the Home link to return to the top level folder directory.

You can arrange files and folders by dragging and dropping the icon in front of the file / folder name onto another folder icon. A suitably named and organised filing structure will help you with the long-term organisation and retrieval of your artefacts. If you want to move a file or folder out of a subfolder, move it onto the parent folder icon.


The Journal is a tool with which you can record your thoughts and experiences online i.e. it acts very much like a blog. By adding your journal or individual posts of it to a page you can allow other users to place feedback and comments on it. You will have one journal by default but can add as many as you wish.


Notes are bits and pieces of text that you can re-use from one portfolio page in another without having to copy the entire page.

You cannot create notes directly from this page but can edit existing notes. Their content will be changed wherever that note is used.


Plans are simple 'To Do' lists. They are particularly well-suited to plan medium and long-term endeavours. A plan can consist of a number of individual activities with which completion dates are associated.

You could use the functionality to:

  • set yourself individual goals for a large task.
  • manage your personal learning activities and keep an eye on how many you have already accomplished during the time frame that you have set yourself.
  • keep track of workshops you have attended for your professional development over time.


The CV plugin allows you to create an online curriculum vitae / résumé. You can either publish your entire CV or individual components of it in your portfolio. Each of the following items are individual artefacts that can be added.

  • Introduction – cover letter, contact and personal information
  • Employment and education history
  • Certifications, accreditations and awards
  • Books and publications, professional memberships
  • Personal, academic and career goals
  • Personal, academic and work skills

For more detailed information on the Create section of the menu, please visit the Mahara online manual or click on one of the links above to be taken to our local guides.

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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