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lecture notes

This page shows the 2015/2016 Lecture Notes for grammar and translation.

The 2016/2017 notes will be uploaded in due course

TERM 1 Slides

Week 2_passato prossimo/imperfetto

Week 3_pronouns

Week 4_Future

Week 5_Informal Imperative

Week 7_Informal and Formal Imperative

Week 8_Comparatives and Superlatives

Week 10_Checklist for grammar revision (uploaded on Wednesday 2nd December)

Week 10_Pronomi relativi

Week 10_Trapassato prossimo

TERM 2 Slides

Week 1_Revision, Passato Remoto, Pronomi relativi - Self-assessed test_passato remoto - Worksheet_pronomi relativi

Week 2_Conditional - Self-assessed test_relative pronouns - Worksheet_Conditional

Week 3_Subjunctive (Present) - Self-assessed test_conditional - Worksheet_Subjunctive

Week 4_Subjunctive (Past) - Self-assessed test_REVISION - Worksheet_Past Subjunctive

Week 5_Subjunctive (Imperfect/Past Perfect) - Worksheet_Subjunctive - Worksheet_Indefinites

Week 7_Subjunctive (revision) - Worksheet_Subjunctive

Week 8_Passive Voice - Worksheet_Passive Voice

Week 9_If Clauses - Worksheet_Passive - Worksheet_If Clauses

Week 10_Revision - Worksheet_Revision - Worksheet If Clauses

Term 3 Slides

Week 1_Revision - Worksheet


Italian Espresso exercises
Here you will find the solutions to the homework exercises, so that you can check your learning progress

Term 1

weeks 2-9 - Soluzioni (uploaded on Thursday 3rd December 2015)

Term 2

week 1 - Soluzioni

week 2 - Soluzioni

week 3 - Soluzioni

week 4 - Soluzioni - OPTIONAL exercises on relative pronouns

OPTIONAL: online exercises on conditional (present/past); passato remoto;

week 5 - Soluzioni

week 7 - Soluzioni

week 8 - Soluzioni

week 9 - Soluzioni

week 10 - Soluzioni

Term 3

week 1 - Soluzioni


Revision_Additional Materials 

Distributed in class in week 7 and 8 in Term 1 - please contact tutor in case you were absent

- Passato Prossimo / Imperfetto (week 8)

- Pronouns (week 7)

- Future tense (week 8)




Slides_week 2

Slides_week 3

Slides_week 4

Sample Translation_Week 8


Please bring to class either a paper dictionary or a digital one for group work activities

Slides_week 1 (updated and revised on 19.01.2016 - corrections and sample of the translation due in week 1)

Slides_week 2 (sample answers - reading comprehension in class)

Slides_week 3 (corrections and sample of the translation due in week 2; sample answers of the reading comprehension due in week 3)

Slides_week 4 (sample answers and vocabulary of the reading comprehensions due in week 4)

Slides_week 5 (sample answers for the reading comprehension; sample translation and vocabulary)

Slides_week 7 (sample answers for the reading comprehension, sample translation and vocabulary)

Slides_week 8 (sample answers for the reading comprehension, sample translation and vocabulary)

Slides_week 10 (sample translation and vocabulary)


Slides_Translation Summer Exam 2015 (sample translation and vocabulary)

Slides_Reading Comprehensions Summer Exam 2015 and 2014 (sample answers)

Slides_Translation Summer Exam 2014 (sample translation and vocabulary)

For a full list of connectives, please see pages 210-211 Italian Espresso 2 (red book)