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Welcome Resources

Welcome to the University of Warwick!

Starting your PhD journey

The start of your PhD journey is an exciting time, so in order to make yours as smooth as possible, we have compiled some vital information for you below. Just click through the tabs to learn more – from essential information, to an overview of different campus services, to welcome events designed specifically for postgraduate researchers.

Any questions?

If you have a question about your PhD that you have not been able to find an answer to, please reach out to us.

PGR Events

There's a range of welcome events for postgraduate researchers this year - by the Doctoral College, by the university as a whole, and by individual departments.

Welcome Events

Sign up to our in-person Welcome Event on 21st November. Come join us to learn more about what the Doctoral College and the university can offer you to make your PhD journey as smooth as possible.

Researcher Development Online

Specifically for new arrivals, RDO offers the following sessions

Join our RDO Teams channel, where we also publicise any research related events that we hear about.

Welcome Week

From 22th September to 2nd October, the University of Warwick organises a Welcome Week for all incoming students.

Departmental events

Individual departments often host welcome events as well. Check your department website to find out what they have planned.

Check out the Faculty of Arts calendar and Faculty of Social Sciences calendar as well.

Welcome to Warwick

Further welcome resources can be found at the university-wide Welcome to Warwick pages which among other things feature information on arriving at Warwick, enrolment, IT resources and further welcome events.

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