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Changes to Registration

Students circumstances may change during the course of their time at Warwick, and it may become necessary to change your mode of registration.

Mode of Attendance

Postgraduate students may request a change from full-time study to part-time study (or vice versa). Such requests need to be approved by the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies upon the recommendation of the individual's academic department.

Postgraduate students should make their request to change mode of attendance using Student Records Requests in Student Records Online.

Part-time study is at 60% and both fees due and any stipend awards will be adjusted accordingly.

Overseas students may find that their leave to remain in the UK will only be valid for full-time study. Neither the Department nor the Student Records team are permitted to give advice on immigration matters. Such matters should be referred to the Immigration and Compliance Department.

Temporary Withdrawal

If students find that they are unable to continue their studies for a period of time due to a number of reasons, then they can apply for a period of temporary withdrawal from their course. Students may request, in the first instance, a period of 12 months of temporary withdrawal from their course of study.

Students may request a second consecutive period of temporary withdrawal but any such request must be accompanied both by the support of the Department and by evidence as to the reason for the request.

Before applying for Temporary withdrawal, students should talk through details with their supervisors who will need to support the application.

Students deemed to be temporarily withdrawn must not undertake any formal study for the period of the temporary withdrawal and must cease to receive instruction from their Department. However, students will retain their IT access and library access and borrowing rights during a period of temporary withdrawal.

For full details on the process and how to apply, students should refer to the Student Records webpages.

Note that during periods of temporary withdrawal, any stipend payments will normally cease unless an application has been made for sick pay. Funded research students should refer to the Doctoral College guidance on Sick PayLink opens in a new window for further information.

It should also be noted that full stipend and fee payments will be made if the date of the temporary withdrawal is the first day of the month, which may have implications on the stipend payments available when returning. It is recommended that funded students should, where possible, start a period of temporary withdrawal on the last day of the month.

Short-Term Leave

The University recognises there may be times in which PGRs require time off work to cope with unforeseen circumstances and is committed to ensuring that leave is granted in a fair and equitable manner across the University. There is therefore now also a PGR Short-Term Leave policy.

PGR Extensions

If you are unable to submit your thesis by your end of registration you may be able to request an extension, depending on the course on which you are registered and the date on which you enrolled.

Extensions are normally granted in unusual cases rather than as a matter of routine. From the outset of your studies in Year 1, you should have a clear plan for the completion of your thesis, with a submission date that you are working towards. This plan needs to be regularly reviewed and revised, and must always be realistic and practical.

Note that an extension to registration does not include an extension to funding arrangements. Students should contact their funding provider if they would like to discuss a funding extension.

Please see the relevant links below for specific information as there was a regulation change in 2011.

The following documentation is required to accompany any applications to an extension of registration:

  • Overview of work completed to-date (not the entire draft thesis)
  • Detailed thesis submission work plan (e.g. a Gantt chart)
  • Evidence (e.g. covering letter, medical evidence as appropriate etc.)
  • Supervisor's statement of support - this can be included when the supervisor checks and progresses the request on eVision or attached as a separate document
  • Statement of support from the Director of Graduate Studies - this can also be included when the Head of Department/DGS checks and progresses the request on eVision or attached as a separate document

Please find more information about PGR extensions here.

Funded Covid Extensions

During the Covid-19 pandemic the Doctoral College made funding extensions available to PGR students whose studies had been severely impacted. The final deadline to apply for a Funded Covid Extension was 30 January 2022. However students can still apply, but only if there is a significant reason why they were unable to meet this deadline, such as being on temporary withdrawal, or an exacerbating relevant disability. Missing the final deadline due to time management will not be accepted.

Funded Covid ExtensionLink opens in a new window

Permanent Withdrawal

We hope that you will want to complete your course at Warwick and before choosing to withdraw there are other avenues you may wish to explore such as taking a temporary withdrawal. Permanently withdrawing from your studies means that you have decided to stop studying at the University of Warwick and that you have no intention of returning to continue your programme of study in the future.

Leave to Submit

Postgraduate Students can permanently withdraw from their degree with leave to submit a thesis at a later date.

Any students who would like to consider this option should contact the Doctoral College for further advice.



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