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Student Opportunities

In this section

  • Opportunities to Gain Teaching Experience
  • Essential and Further Training
  • A guide to teaching practicalities
  • Community Values in Teaching

Opportunities to Gain Teaching Experience

It is one of the key features of graduate training in History at Warwick that we provide excellent opportunities for our research students to gain teaching experience on our undergraduate degrees.

Teaching requirements for the coming academic year are resolved before the end of the previous Summer Term when the Department Academic Administrator will inform all PGR students and their supervisors of what teaching will be available. Students then apply, with the support of their Supervisor.

Please see here the form to apply for teaching.

We predominantly select students in Years 2 and 3, but students in Year 4 are also often given teaching, depending on the progress of their research. Selection of those to be given teaching is at the discretion of the Head of Department, who will be guided by the advice of Supervisors. In normal circumstances, it is our intention to give teaching experience to all students during the course of their research studies at Warwick.

Essential and Further Training

Postgraduate research students who undertake teaching in the Department must complete the 'Preparing to Teach in Higher Education' course provided by the LDC prior to the start of the Autumn Term.

The module is online and we will announce how to enrol for it at the start of term 2 so that you are fully equipped if you are thinking about teaching in the autumn.

Preparing to Teach in Higher Education

Having completed all three sections of Preparing to Teach in Higher Education and receiving the certificate of completion you may want to consider progressing to the Academic Professional Pathway: PGR (APP PGR). This leads to a nationally accredited Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, a status that would be recognised by any prospective HEI employer in the UK and hence may boost your chances of gaining teaching elsewhere. The process last six months and involves a variety of different reflective assignments. This element is not essential, from the department's point of view, but would constitute part of your academic development and could be useful for your CV.

Teaching practicalities

A guide to practicalities relating to teaching in the department can be found:

Community Values

We subscribe to Warwick's Community Values Education Programme which includes the Active Bystander course.



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