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Pre-Modern Handwriting and Research Skills Training

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  • Specialised Training Programmes

Specialised Training Programmes

From Manuscript to Print

Historians with an interest in developing their research and palaeographical skills in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe are encouraged to participate in a series of classes and workshops organised by the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance. Students may choose to follow the skills programme throughout the year or to focus on one particular term. Regular attendance is recommended. Historians may find of special use the material covered in Term 2, which emphasizes palaeography and textual editing. To register and/or further information contact the Renaissance Centre secretary on

From Manuscript to Print

Resources and Techniques for the Study of Renaissance and Early Modern Culture

Doctoral historians with an interest in developing specialist research training skills in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe should consult the ‘Warburg Institute – University of Warwick Research Training Programme’.

Warburg Institute



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