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Graduate Research Forum

Graduate Research Forum Events Calendar

The Graduate Research Forum (GRF) meets weekly during the Autumn and Spring Terms. Attendance is REQUIRED for all research students in their first year of study. Students in other years of study may also attend the Graduate Research Forum, and many do so – especially when the topic to be considered relates directly to their own field of interest, or offers advice on skills and training that may be relevant.

The purpose of the GRF is to assist research students in the design and implementation of their research, aiming toward the successful confirmation of their PhD status before the end of the first year, and to provide guidance and advice on skills and strategies needed to develop their thesis work toward completion and dissemination (including publication).

In the first term, which is more oriented to new PGRs, the GRF offers sessions that will prepare students for the requirements of the upgrade process – the preparation of a research outline, a draft chapter, a bibliography, and a research schedule. In other sessions, in terms 1 and 2, members of the History department will illustrate the evolution of research through their own experience with a specific project, with some Q&A. In term 2, new PGRs will make short presentations on the design of their own thesis projects.

Some of the GRF sessions are offered for all PGRs, with some focus on the later stages of the research process, dealing with dissemination, publication, and further research funding. Students in an advanced stage of thesis research and MA students will join us for these sessions and may participate in the presentations.

In addition to the formal GRF programme, supplementary sessions may be organised that will bring together the larger body of our research community (including Teaching Fellows, Post-docs, and staff) on issues of career development. These will be notified to all research students by the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Beyond the department, the University also runs numerous support and skills sessions via the Research Development Online series of workshops, talks and events.



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