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After the Viva

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What happens after the successful completion of the examination?

You may have been asked by the examiners for minor or major corrections. A corrected version of your thesis should be sent to the internal examiner within the time allowed, with changes marked in some way that is clear and easy to follow. The internal examiner will need to confirm to the Doctoral College that the changes are satisfactory.

Once you have confirmation that corrections are approved by the examiners, copies of the thesis need to be deposited into the Library and the electronic repository (declaration forms required). The corrected hard-bound copy should be submitted to the Doctoral College Office for forwarding to the library. You are able to restrict access to your thesis if you wish. You will be invited to the next graduation ceremony for the formal award of your research degree. You may wish to consider publication of part or all of your thesis.

Final thesis submission form

For minor/major corrections, your revised thesis should be submitted directly to your examiners.

Please see the final thesis submission form for details of final submission guidelines.

The Library Declaration and Deposit Agreement form states that "If your thesis contains material protected by third party copyright, you should consult with your department, and if appropriate, deposit an abridged hard and/or digital copy thesis."

The Library Copyright Advisors have advised that in such circumstances any images should remain for the printed version but redacted for the e-submission. If further advice is required, please contact:


Once the Doctoral College has received the electronic and hard bound copy of your thesis, and all of the internal paperwork in respect of your examination has been concluded, your name will be placed on a pass list for the conferral of your award by the Senate. Formal notification of your award to your University email address and any other email address held on your student record shortly after your award has been conferred. You will not receive a conferral email nor be eligible to attend a Degree Congregation if you have any study-related debts to the University.

You will also be invited to attend the next Degree Congregation. Congregations are held in mid-July and late January each year and you may receive your degree in person or in absentia. You cannot receive your degree certificate until the degree has been conferred formally at a Congregation whether you decide to be present in person or not.

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Please see the Post-doc Opportunities page for further details:



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