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Legal Street

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Legal Street is a high profile focus week of activity that provides employers with an opportunity to raise their profile and engage with our Law students and students from wider degree subjects interested in a career within Law.

The week brings together all of our events and activities to enable employers to connect effectively with our students over an extended period of time and through many different channels to ensure a successful outcome.

Legal Street takes place in week 4 of the Autumn term from Monday 25th October 2021

Activities will focus on supporting students in their career choices, exploring the legal landscape to help students understand opportunities available to them and skills development based webinars and workshops. Employers may dip in and out of activities throughout the week and participate in as much as they wish within the programme. Services offered as part of the week include;

Live Online Day

Tuesday 26th October - 11am - 4pm

Join us for a day of online conversation with our students.

Employers are encouraged to be online throughout the day at times convenient to yourself, to talk to students on a one to one basis or informally in a group chat session. Students will be able to join a virtual queue to talk to firm representatives, connect with you and present their CV/profile, or join a firm presentation / talk at times that you schedule throughout the day.

Employers will create a profile on the platform listing all relevant details and information for students and will receive details of all students that they connect with for follow up and further conversation. The flexibility that the day offers will aid student engagement offering them the opportunity to connect with you at a convenient time and encourage informal conversations as well as those of a more informed nature.

Meet the Firm sessions

Book a virtual employer presentation with us at anytime to suit throughout the week. Presentations will feature within Legal week and our Mainstage and be marketed to all students via myAdvantage and all of our wider marketing channels. This traditional employer presentation will allow you time to present your firm and opportunities available.

Meet the trainees

In direct response to student feedback around confidence in virtual engagement, we are offering firms the opportunity to deliver Drop in sessions with your trainees that will offer students an informal and approachable way to connect with you. These sessions will be hosted on our online chat platform and students may drop in to find out more about life as a trainee at your firm. Sessions from 2-4pm each day.

Skills sessions and workshops

Skills development workshops (virtual) and webinars will also be hosted – these sessions will provide you with a platform to engage directly with our students whilst embedding skills and learning that you feel is important within your own recruitment practice, and within your firm. Please contact us with sessions you would like to offer or discuss needs in this area further.

Panel events

The week will also feature a series of panel talks exploring different practice areas, topics of interest, and wider initiatives – we are particularly interested in hearing from firms who practice in more niche areas and would like to highlight this aspect of their work, regional firms or those offering alternative career opportunities within the field to ensure we are fully catering to our students interests and curiosities. We particularly welcome contributions from employers and supporting bodies looking to diversify your workforce.

The series of panel events offered will be inclusive of employer interest - we'd love to hear your ideas and how you may wish to help shape this part of our programme! Please contact us for more information.

Employer Profiles

All employers attending Legal Street will be encouraged to complete an employer profile.

Pack your profile with all of the key information about your firm, schemes and opportunities available, event listings and your involvement within the Festival as well as links to your website and social media platforms. Your logo will be included in the listing and employers will feature in alphabetical order. Links to your vacancy and event listings within myAdvantage are also included to ensure maximum visibility and ease of access to our students.

Profiles will also be included in our Festival directory.

Booking Information

Legal Week provides firms with an opportunity to meet both law students and those from other departments who may be attracted to a career within the profession. We welcome a small number of course providers and professional bodies alongside Law Firms and Barristers’ chambers of all sizes including regional and local firms.

Participation within the week is charged at £350+VAT.

Discounted rates available for Not-for-profit organisations at £125+VAT. Please contact Employer Connect to discuss prior to booking.