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Add content to a page

Content (or artefacts) can be added from previously uploaded items or created directly on the page itself. These can be moved around and the layout changed to create different page versions tuned to a particular audience.

Mahara Edit Menu

Add pre-created artefacts.

Items already stored in Mahara can be added from the left hand side edit menu (1) by dragging and dropping them (2) onto the page in one of the layout containers.

A new window will 'fly in' from the right. At the top, it will show the artefact type (3) and you will be prompted to choose from the list of existing artefacts of that type (4). In addition, you can usually change the block title and, optionally, add tags to the item (5). Click save to add the chosen item to the page.

Add existing content to a portfolio page

Create new artefacts

Artefacts can also be created in-situ on the page (some of these will then be stored in the Content section so they can be reused e.g. Notes).

Add new content to a portfolio page

To create a new artefact (e.g. a text entry), select it in the left hand menu (1) and then drag and drop it into one of the content boxes on the page (2). This will open the configuration window (3), where you can set a title for the new artefact and add your content (4) (as well as optional tags (5)). This will differ for each type of artefact. Finally, click save to add the artefact to the page.

New artefact on page

These blocks / artefacts can then be dragged to new locations on the page and rearranged as required.

See this page in the user guide for more information on the Page editor

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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