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Arriving in the UK

When arriving at the airport, you will need documentation ready to hand to Immigration Officials.

Students from outside the EEA will be asked to fill in a landing card on the plane with their personal details. You will need to hand this in to the Immigration Officer at passport control in the airport. If you are not an EEA citizen, you may also need to show the Immigration Officer:

  • Your passport (or Identity Card if relevant) containing your visa
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) (if applicable)
  • Offer letter from the University (if applicable)
  • CAS email (if this is returned to you after your visa application)
  • Evidence of financial support e.g. bank statements or sponsorship letter
  • Evidence of accommodation (if available)
  • Evidence of TB examination (if available)
  • Police Registration Certificate (if previously studied in the UK
  • Documents used to support your visa application as mentioned in your CAS

Remember to carry these documents in your hand luggage so that they can be checked quickly and easily if they are required. Please be aware of changing regulations in this area, and keep up-to-date on requirements via the International Office website or via the embassy.

Please be aware of the changing regulations in this area and keep up-to-date with the requirements via the Immigration website or via the embassy.

After going through passport control you will be able to collect your luggage and move through to Customs. There are two routes: a green exit if you have nothing to declare and a red exit if you have goods to declare. If you encounter any problems on arriving in the UK please contact us.