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Tutor: Gioia Panzarella

Term 1

Week 2_ Handout pdf Materials: ppt_introduzione PDF suffissi (as a reference)

Week3_ Handout pdf Materials: ppt 

Week4_ Handout pdf Materials: ppt + ppt esercizio in classe

Week5_ Materials ppt 

Week7_ Materials ppt Soluzioni degli esercizi in classe pdf

Week8_ Materials ppt (new upload) 

Week9_ Materials ppt

Week 10_ Materials ppt 


Term 2

Week 1_ Materials ppt  

Week 2_Materials ppt tabella verbi aggiornata doc

Week 3_Materials ppt

Week 4_Materials ppt

Week 5_Materials ppt

Week 7_Materials ppt esercizi in classe doc + soluzioni pdf

Week 8_Materials ppt

Week 9_Materials ppt + wiki connettivi pdf

Week 10_esercizi in classe doc + soluzioni pdf

Term 3

Week 1_ Materials ppt