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Conference Abstracts

Please view the abstracts listed below and indicate your preference(s) for the role of discussant or chair at the bottom of the page.

Presenting Author Institution Abstract Title
Hareth Al-Janabi University of Birmingham “Health externalities”: conceptualisation and case study in meningitis (Word Document)
Stephen Allan University of Kent The effect of CQC quality ratings on care home closures (Word Document)
Tommy Allen University of Manchester Did patients notice the performance improvements reported by practices on the QOF? (Word Document)
Yan Feng Office of Health Economics The impact of hospital market concentration in England on the quality of health care: evidence from a Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) data analysis (Word Document)
Hannah Forbes University of Manchester The Determinants of Self-Care (Word Document)
Matthew Franklin University of Nottingham Comparison of alternative methods of collection of resource-use data for the economic evaluation of health care interventions: a case study in frail older people with cognitive impairment (Word Document)
Adrian Gheorghe University of Birmingham Enhancing the generalisability of RCT-based economic evaluation results using a centre-level generalisability index (Word Document)
Maria Gheorghe Erasmus University Rotterdam Quality of life and time to death: have the health gains of life prolonging interventions been underestimated? (Word Document)
Natalie Goetz Technische Universität Berlin A Spatial Analysis of Regional Variation in In-patient Care Using Examples from Five Selected Procedures (Word Document)
Ewan Gray University of Manchester Can financial incentives to doctors change patients’ lifestyle behaviours? Evidence from the introduction of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (Word Document)
Nils Gutacker University of York The relationship between primary care quality, length of stay and frequency of hospital admissions for people with serious mental illness (Word Document)
Sandra Hollinghurst University of Bristol Using willingness-to-pay to establish patient preferences for cancer testing in primary care (Word Document)
Lisa Irvine University of East Anglia Economic evaluation of Cluster RCTs: comparison of methods when applied to highly imbalanced cluster size (Word Document)
Mireia Jofre-Bonet City University Patients’ choice and hospital quality competition: Unintended impacts of the signals (Word Document)
Sarah Karlsberg Schaffer Office of Health Economics The Effect of Free Personal Care for the Elderly on Informal Caregiving (Word Document)
Philip Kinghorn University of Birmingham The value of time at end of life: anchoring in economic evaluation (Word Document)
Christoph Kronenberg University of York The dynamics of mental health in the British Household Panel Survey (PDF Document)
Aurelia Lepine London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Determinants of HIV testing among Nigerian couples: A multi-level modelling approach (Word Document)
Nana Kwame Anokye Brunel University Demand for physical activity through sport and exercise: the role of time and money prices (Word Document)
Melisa Martinez Alvarez London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Has the Tanzanian health sector-wide approach achieved the Paris Declaration? An exploration through the principal-agent lens (Word Document)
Christine Michaels-Igbokwe London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Using choice mapping as an input into the process of designing a stated choice survey (Word Document)
Stephen Morris University College London Impact of reconfiguration of stroke services on mortality, length of hospital stay and discharge destination (Word Document)
Brendan Mulhern University of Sheffield Further exploration of Discrete Choice Experiments with a duration attribute to value health states (Word Document)
Silviya Nikolova University of Manchester Targets for maximum waiting times and patient prioritization: evidence from England (Word Document)
Jenny Norlin Umeå University Average treatment effects, over- and under-treatment of new therapies using registers: the example conventional and biologic agents in Psoriasis in Sweden (Word Document)
Maria Cristina Penaloza-Ramos University of Birmingham Best practice in decision-analytic modelling: A review of the literature and exploration of good practice guidelines (Word Document)
Stavros Petrou University of Warwick A Person Trade-Off Study to Estimate Age-Related Weights for Health Gains in Economic Evaluation (Word Document)
Joshua Pink University of Warwick Clinical and economic modelling of treatment options for multiple sclerosis (Word Document)
Marjon van der Pol University of Aberdeen Can preference heterogeneity partly explain the Glasgow effect? (Word Document)
Oliver Rivero-Arias University of Oxford Missing data in the health-related quality of life EQ-5D instrument – should we impute individual domains or the actual index? (Word Document)
Micah Rose University of York Evaluating the Impact of Structural Uncertainty in a NICE Single Technology Appraisal Manufacturer Model on Cost-effectiveness: A case study (PDF Document)
Mandy Ryan University of Aberdeen Investigating survey mode effects in discrete choice experiment responses (Word Document)
Sabina Sanghera University of Birmingham Valuing outcomes in chronic conditions with periodic symptoms: should WTP be used? (Word Document)
Victoria Serra-Sastre City University Adaptation of health states: A Micro-econometric Analysis (Word Document)
Koonal Shah University of Sheffield Valuing health at the end of life: a stated preference discrete choice experiment (Word Document)
Chris Skedgel University of Sheffield Societal preferences for the allocation of healthcare resources: a discrete choice experiment in a Canadian setting (Word Document)
Charitini Stavropoulou University of Surrey Differences in risk perceptions among patients and doctors; a field experiment (Word Document)
Hazel Squires University of Sheffield A conceptual modelling framework for developing the structure of Public Health economic models (Word Document)
Alexander Thompson University of Manchester Incorporating multi-morbidity into clinical guidelines: a health economics perspective (Word Document)
David Trueman Abacus International The effect of provider incentives on socioeconomic inequalities in health: Consequences of the UK Quality and Outcomes Framework (Word Document)
Aki Tsuchiya University of Sheffield Measuring inequality and risk aversion across health and income: a further analysis with direct comparisons (Word Document)
Rhiannon Tudor Edwards Bangor University Health Economics and Population Health: Emerging Methodological and Policy Issues for the Health Economics Community (Word Document)
Alex Turner University of Manchester Do patients who live alone have different costs and benefits in the healthcare system? Evidence from the national PROMs dataset in England (Word Document)
Mara Violato University of Oxford Discontinuity Designs in Health Economics: Estimating Diagnosis Expenditure in Coeliac Disease (Word Document)
Nicolas Ziebarth Cornell University The Health Effects of Weather and Pollution: Implications for Climate Change (PDF Document)

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