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Timetable 2023-24: Term 2

Starting Monday 22nd January 2024,we will read short extracts from authors as follows:

Weeks 1-2 (22 & 29 Jan): Erasmus

Letter: visit to the court of Henry VIII

Colloquia familiaria:

Weeks 3-4 (5 & 12 Feb): views on classical Latinity

Abattis et eruditae (The Abbot and the Learned Woman)

Erasmus: Ciceronianus (Valla: Elegantiae)

Week 5-6 (19 and 26 Feb): engagement with classical models - history

Bruni, Memoirs: attack on Arezzo

Weeks 7 (4 March): engagement with classical models – philosophy

Bruni, introduction to Latin version of Aristotle’s Ethics

Weeks 8-9 (11 & 18 March): engagement with classical models – verse

Poliziano, Latin version of Iliad III 30-80

Maffeo Vegio, continuation of Aeneid XII

Session 3

5th February

Erasmus: Abbatis et eruditae

audio (to follow)

  • questions: make up your own!
  • nouns: change number (as in previous weeks)
  • verbs: change number; change tense; make subjunctive etc.

case system - overview

Session 9

Handout: Aeneid 13

Annotated version

Next steps:

(don't forget next month's intensive intermediate Latin week: