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Academic and Research Staff

Mohamed Abdelkader (Dr)Principal Engineer
Soroush Abolfathi (Dr)Associate Professor
Viji Ahanathapillai (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Mohammad Ahmadi (Dr)Research Fellow
Akinola Ajayi-Obe (Mr)Research Fellow
Mohammad Al-Amin (Dr)Associate Professor / Director of Studies
Layi Alatise (Professor)Professor in Power Electronics, Royal Society Industry Fellow
Cate Anthony (Ms)Senior Teaching Fellow CEDA Apprenticeship Tutor
Marina Antoniou (Dr)Reader
Yudhi Ariadi (Dr)Teaching Fellow
Tim Ashley (Professor)Professor (Research Focussed)
James Atkinson (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Albert Bartok-Partay (Dr)Assistant Professor in Computational Materials Modelling
Declan Bates (Professor)Professor
Thomas Benoy (Dr)Research Fellow
Duncan Billson (Dr)Associate Professor/Discipline Stream Leader
Peter Brommer (Dr)Associate Professor
Jake Brooks (Dr)Research Fellow
Alex Brown (Dr)
Michael Chappell (Professor)Professor / Discipline Stream Leader
Derek Chetwynd (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Yongmann Chung (Dr)Associate Professor
Marina Cole (Professor)Professor
Joanna Collingwood (Professor)Professor
Gerard Colston (Dr)Research Fellow
James Covington (Professor)Professor in Electronic Engineering
Robert Critoph (Professor)Professor
Bill Crofts (Dr)Director of the Warwick Satellite Engineering Team (WUSAT)
Abdalghani Daaoub (Mr)Research Fellow
Dai (Tianxiang) Dai (Mr)Honorary Research Fellow
Alexander Darlington (Dr)Assistant Professor (R&T)
Lee Davis (Dr)Experimental Officer
Jose Rodolpho de Oliveira Leo (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Volkan Degirmenci (Dr)Associate Professor
Hesam Dejaloud (Mr)Research Fellow
Petr Denissenko (Dr)Associate Professor
Hongyang Dong (Dr)Assistant Professor
Mark Dooner (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Rajeev Dutt (Mr)Research Assistant
Amit Dwivedi (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Colin Eddie (Professor)Professor of Practice
Neil Evans (Dr)Reader
Suhaib Fahmy (Dr)Reader in Computer Engineering
Michael Faulkner (Dr)Assistant Professor in Predictive Modelling and Scientific Computing
Ian Firth (Professor)Honorary Professor
Mathias Foo (Dr)Associate Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Gary Fowmes (Dr)Reader/Senior Tutor
Peter Gammon (Professor)Professor and Head of Research
Reyes Garcia (Dr)Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering
Julian Gardner (Professor)Professor of Electronic Engineering
Xueyu Geng (Dr)Professor
Ehsan Ghadim (Dr)Research Fellow
Elia Gironacci (Dr)Associate Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Keith Godfrey (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Rajesh Govindan (Dr)
Nicholas Grant (Dr)Assistant Professor
Roger Green (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Viktoriia Gross (Miss)Research Assistant
Sai Gu (Professor)Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (China) / Professor of Chemical and Process Engineering
Wei He (Dr)Honorary Associate Professor
Volker Hessel (Professor)Professor
Stephen Hicks (Professor)Professor in Civil Engineering / Discipline Stream Leader
Tian Huang (Professor)Part-time Professor
Yubo Huang (Mr)Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (machine learning and wind farm control)
David Hutchins (Professor)Professor
Daciana Iliescu (Dr)Associate Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Jisun Im (Dr)Assistant Professor
Hayder Jahanger (Dr)Teaching Fellow
Christopher James (Professor)Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Sunku Prasad Jenne (Dr)Research Fellow
Modupe Jimoh (Dr)Associate Professor (Civil and Humanitarian Engineering)
Roger Johnson (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Peter Jones (Dr)Emeritus Reader
Milad Kabirifar (Dr)Research Fellow
Emmanouil Kakouris (Dr)Assistant Professor
James Kermode (Professor)Professor
Mostafa Kheshti (Dr)Research Fellow (Renewable Energy Integration and Smart Grid)
Edris Khorani (Dr)Research Fellow
Igor Khovanov (Dr)Associate Professor
Natasha Khovanova (Professor)Professor
Marcus King (Mr)Research Fellow
Oleh Kiselychnyk (Dr)Associate Professor
Sascha Klawohn (Dr)Research Fellow
Georgia Kremmyda (Professor)Professor and Head of Teaching
Merih Kucukler (Dr)Associate Professor
Elmar KutschAssociate Tutor
Subhash Lakshminarayana (Dr)Associate Professor
Pradeep Lamichhane (Dr)Research Fellow
Irwanda Laory (Dr)Associate Professor
Mark Leeson (Dr)Reader
Wanda Lewis (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Rui Li (Mr)Research Fellow
Zhen Li (Dr)Honorary Associate Professor
Yanchang Liang (Mr)Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (machine learning and wind farm control)
Bintian Lin (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching and Research) in Human Structures Dynamics
Bochuan Liu (Dr)Research Fellow
Isaac Liu (Dr)Reader
Qian Liu (Mr)
Xianping Liu (Professor)Professor
Duncan Lockerby (Professor)Professor
Derek (Guotao) Ma (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Alessia Maccaro (Dr)Research Fellow
Ken Mao (Professor)Professor
Paula Marin Aguirre (Dr)Visiting Research Fellow
Philip Mawby (Professor)Professor
Ricardo Mejia-Marchena (Dr)Research Fellow
Steven Metcalf (Dr)Assistant Professor (Research and Teaching Focussed)
Christos Mias (Dr)Associate Professor - Reader (Teaching Focussed)
Ryan Montague (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Roger Moss (Dr)Research Fellow
Toby Mottram (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Javier Munguia (Dr)Associate Professor (Teaching focussed)
John Murphy (Professor)Professor and Head of Department
Bisola Mutingwende (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching)
Neophytos Neophytou (Professor)Professor
Long Nguyen (Dr)Research Fellow
Tim Niewelt (Dr)Research Fellow
Sasha Nikitin (Dr)Research Fellow
Adam Noel (Dr)Associate Professor
Jose Ortiz-Gonzalez (Dr)Assistant Professor
Jose Luis Osorio-Tejada (Dr)Research Fellow
Karthick Padmanathan (Dr)Research Fellow
Silvio Pagliara (Dr)Senior Research Fellow
Sophie Pain (Dr)Research Fellow
Jonathan Pearson (Dr)Associate Professor
Leandro Pecchia (Professor)Professor
Davide Piaggio (Dr)Assistant Professor
Thomas Popham (Dr)Associate Professor
Nima Pourali (Dr)Assistant Professor (Research Focussed)
Tony Price (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Pankaj Priyadarshi (Dr)Research Fellow
Li Ran (Professor)Professor of Electrical Power
Negar Razaghi (Ms)Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Evgeny Rebrov (Professor)Professor
Benjamin Arne Renz (Dr)Assistant Professor (Research Focussed)
Alireza Rezaei (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Mohammad Rezania (Dr)Reader in Civil Engineering (Geomechanics)
Angeles Rivero Pacho (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Justin Russell (Dr)Associate Professor (Teaching Focussed)
Hatef Sadeghi (Professor)Professor
Sina Saffaran (Dr)Assistant Professor (Research Focussed) and Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow
Bhawana Sahni (Dr)
Sara Sangtarash (Dr)Assistant Professor
Carlos Sequeiros Ferreiro (Mr)Research Assistant
Vishal Shah (Dr)Associate Professor
Stan Shire (Dr)Reader/Discipline Stream Leader
Nigel Stocks (Professor)Professor
Tim Sullivan (Dr)Assistant Professor
Thomas Sykes (Dr)Assistant Professor
Zacharie Tamainot-Telto (Dr)Associate Professor
Hui Tang (Dr)Marie Curie Research Fellow
Shanwen Tao (Professor)Professor
Peter Thomas (Professor)Professor (Director of Fluid Dynamics Research Centre)
Terry Thomas (Dr)Honorary Associate Professor
Yanling Tian (Dr)Reader
Tardi Tjahjadi (Dr)Reader
Catherine Towers (Dr)Associate Professor (Research Focussed)
David Towers (Professor)Professor
Oksana Trushkevych (Dr)Assistant Professor
Veselina Uzunova (Dr)Research Fellow
Andre van Veen (Professor)Professor of Chemical Engineering
Vasileios Vargiamidis (Dr)
Jihong Wang (Professor)Professor of Electrical Power Engineering
Linda Wanika (Dr)Research Fellow
Richard Watson (Dr)Teaching Fellow
Eduardo Weber Wachter (Dr)Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed)
David Whitehouse (Professor)Emeritus Professor
Samuel Wilson-Whitford (Dr)
Jun Wu (Dr)Marie Curie Research Fellow
Yuxin Xing (Miss)Research Fellow
Tianhua Xu (Dr)Reader (Research & Teaching)
Sai Yagnamurthy (Mr)Research Fellow
Haoyang Yang (Dr)
Usman Yaqoob (Dr)Research Fellow
Zhenhui Yuan (Dr)Assistant Professor (T&R)
Weitao Yue (Mr)Research Assistant
Criseida Zamora (Dr)Research Fellow
Bolun Zhang (Mr)Research Assistant
Huimin ZhangResearch Fellow
Jincheng Zhang (Mr)Research Fellow
Qi Zhang (Dr)
Xu Zhang (Dr)Research Fellow
Xiaowei Zhao (Professor)Professor of Control Engineering
Gan Zheng (Professor)Professor
Stana Zivanovic (Professor)Professor of Human-Structure Dynamics
Peimiao Zou (Miss)Research Assistant


Professional Services Staff