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Academic and Research Staff

Mohamed Abdelkader (Dr)Senior Research
Mohammad Ahmadi (Dr)Research
Akinola Ajayi-Obe (Mr)Research
Layi Alatise (Professor)Professor in Power Electronics, Royal Society Industry
Marina Antoniou (Dr)Associate
Tim Ashley (Professor)Professorial Fellow
Duncan Billson (Dr)Associate
Yunfei Chen (Dr)Associate
Khaled Choudhury (Dr)
Marina Cole (Professor)
James Covington (Professor)Professor in Electronic
Bill Crofts (Dr)Director of the Warwick Satellite
Mark Crouch (Dr)Science City Facilities
Abdalghani Daaoub (Mr)Research
Dai (Tianxiang) Dai (Mr)Honorary Research D032TD
Emma Daulton (Dr)Research
Steven Dixon (Professor)Professor - Chair of Industrial
Mark Dooner (Dr)Research and Teaching
Fady El-Nahal (Professor)Visiting
Suhaib Fahmy (Dr)Reader in Computer
Peter Gammon (Professor)
Julian Gardner (Professor)Professor of Electronic Engineering / Discipline Stream
Roger Green (Professor)Emeritus
Wei He (Dr)Honorary
Zedong (Catherine) Hu (Dr)Research
Daciana Iliescu (Dr)Principal Teaching Fellow / Admissions and Widening Participation
Hamidreza Jahangir (Dr)Research
Marcus King (Mr)Research
Oleh Kiselychnyk (Dr)Associate
Subhash Lakshminarayana (Dr)Assistant
Mark Leeson (Dr)
Dacheng Li (Dr)Honorary Research
Bochuan Liu (Dr)Research
Philip Mawby (Professor)
Simon Mendy (Mr)Research
Christos Mias (Dr)Associate
Ryan Montague (Dr)Senior Teaching
Neophytos Neophytou (Professor)
Jose Ortiz-Gonzalez (Dr)Assistant
Pankaj Priyadarshi (Dr)Research
Li Ran (Professor)Professor of Electrical
Benjamin Arne Renz (Dr) BR
Xiaoyun Rong (Dr)Research
Hatef Sadeghi (Dr)Associate
Sara Sangtarash (Dr)Assistant
Vishal Shah (Dr)Associate
Nidhin Thandassery Sumithran (Dr)Research
Jihong Wang (Professor)Professor of Electrical Power
Eduardo Weber Wachter (Dr)Teaching
Yuxin Xing (Miss)Research
Tianhua Xu (Dr)Assistant
Fengwei Yang (Dr)Research
Xu Zhang (Dr)
Gan Zheng (Professor)


Support Staff