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Use Tags in Mahara

Tags are keywords that are added to artefacts, pages and collections to make it easier to find related items. They can be used to populate new pages automatically. We recommend that tags describing learning outcomes, placement information, tasks etc. are added to all artefacts as they are added.

This guide explains how to add tags and how to use them to find related items using the Tag cloud and the My Tags page.

Add a tag

For detailed instructions on adding content (artefacts), pages and other items that can be tagged, please see the relevant guides.

In each case, whether this is creating a page or adding an artefact, there is a field to add Tags, with the text Type in a search term and a magnifying glass. If the artefact already has tags they will appear in the search box in place of the standard text and can be removed by clicking the x to the left of the tag title.

  1. Start typing a word to add a tag and a drop-down menu will open listing matching tags.
  2. Select the tag to be added. The number after the tag indicates how many times the tag has been used.
    • New tags are added by pressing the Enter key to transform the text into a tag.
  3. Click save the artefact / page etc.

Use the Tag cloud to find content

The Tag cloud appears on the right-hand side of Pages and Collections, Files, and Shared by Me pages.

  • Click on a tag to open the pre-filtered My Tags page showing pages, collections and artefacts with that tag.

Tag size reflects how often the tag has been used and therefore Tags can help immediately identify areas which need more, or already have enough, content associated.

  • Click on the arrow to open the My Tags page.

Use the My Tags page to find content and edit tags

The My Tags page lists all tags currently in use.

  1. Click on the main menu icon, expand the Create section, and select Tags
    • Click on the tabs to sort tags alphabetically or by the frequency with which they appear
    • Select a tag to filter the results to show the relevant items with that tag.
    • Click on  Edit tags and select a tag to change the label on the tag everywhere it appears.

    The information on this page relates to Mahara 20.04 and was last updated August 2020.


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