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Create a group and add members

Using the options below will create a group that can be shared by email, or searched for, and people can request access. Once in the group they will be able to create and edit content.

Create a new group

The list of options below is not exhaustive and the majority of settings can be left as default. For more information see

  1. Click on Main menu, expand the Engage section and click on Groups, or click on Engage on the Dashboard.
  2. Select + Create group
  3. Give the group a name and add a description. We recommend using the Module code as part of this to help identify groups.
  4. Set the group membership option:
    • Open - can be searched for and joined by anyone at Warwick.
    • Controlled - membership is managed by the tutor and people cannot leave the group. This is useful for smaller groups. This option is only available to staff members.
    • Request - can be searched for and people can request to be added.
  5. Set Hide membership to Yes - only the group members can see who is in the group.
  6. If the group work needs to be completed by a specific date with no further amendments allowed, add an End Date under Editability.

Note that the following are left as default:

NB Some settings will enable and disable other, related, settings.

Add members to the Group

Students can search for the name of the group and request to be added. The owner of the group will receive a notification each time a request is made so that they can authorise or refuse access.

Invite multiple people to join

  1. Open the Group Homepage
  2. Click on the Members tab
  3. Click on the send multiple invitations at once link
  4. Search for people to add in the top Send invitations search box.
  5. Select the people in the Potential members box and click the arrow to add them to the Users to be invited box.
  6. Click Submit to send a notification to each of the people selected.


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