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Reports, logs and completion data in Moodle

The interaction of staff and students with Moodle generates a large amount of data. Some of this data is available and can be downloaded to be further analysed to understand student engagement and performance. For this purpose, Moodle offers to download different types of reports. Users with editing rights or higher can access and download these reports:

  1. Click on the gear icon
  2. Click on ‘More…’.
  3. Click on the respective item in the Reports section:
    • Course completion: Different criteria can be established to monitor students’ progress towards finishing a course. A course completion report can be viewed in Moodle showing the different criteria and whether students have fulfilled them. The report can also be downloaded as a CSV file. Find out more about course completion in the Moodle Docs or in the Course completion guide.
    • Logs: Moodle provides log data at the site and course level. This data can be accessed and downloaded as activity reports. You can see what pages the students accessed, the time and date they accessed it, the IP address they came from, and their actions (view, add, update, delete). Find out more about logs and activity reports in the Moodle Docs.
    • Live logs: This subset of logs show the latest interaction with a Moodle course (user names, time and date, the IP address they came from, and their actions). This data can only be viewed, not downloaded. However, these logs are included in the activity reports (see above). Find out more about live logs in the Moodle Docs.
    • Course participation: In order to see who participated in an activity and how many times, filtered by role, group or action, you can generate a participation report. The interface also allows to message individuals or groups of students, for example those who have not participated yet. Find out more about the course participation report in the Course participation guide.
    • Activity completion: In order for both students and teachers to easily track which activities have already been completed and which ones are still missing, activity completion can be set up against a variety of criteria (view, pass grade, etc.). To monitor students’ progress in a course, a report can be downloaded showing which activities have already been completed by which students. Find out more about activity completion in the Track activity completion guide.
The information on this page relates to Moodle 3.8 and was last updated August 2020.


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