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Introduction to Echo360

It is a University strategic priority that all staff and students must have access to equal opportunities to thrive and progress at Warwick, irrespective of background, disability, faith, gender, race and sexual orientation. Please see the Echo360 accessibility statement for more information.

Echo360 is the University's lecture capture and video management platform. It enables you to capture, edit and share video content with your students.

There are two options available at Warwick for recording with Echo360: Lecture Capture and Universal Capture (Personal).

Lecture capture equipment and use in centrally timetabled rooms is supported by the Audio Visual Team. Scheduling of lecture recordings, use of Universal Capture (Personal), and of Echo360s Active Learning Platform, is supported by Academic Technology.

Lecture Capture

Echo360's Lecture Capture system enables you to record your live face-to-face lectures or seminars without having to set up any equipment yourself or have any technicians present. There are over 100 lecture capture-enabled spaces available on campus. You schedule recordings in advance and your session is automatically captured at the scheduled time. The recordings are made available to students via Moodle.

Students value having access to recorded lectures for revision and review. Research shows that students use recordings as a supplement rather than as a substitute for attending lectures. Recordings are of course also useful in circumstances where students are unable to attend in person.

While recordings may be provided as a reasonable adjustment for students with disabilities, Lecture Capture also helps make your teaching more accessible and inclusive for all students.

Live lecture capture in teaching rooms at Warwick is covered by an opt-in consent policy. Student recordings (and use of lecture captures), whether created in teaching rooms, or online, are covered by a recording and re-use policy. For information on these, please see the Lecture Capture policies below.

Lecture Capture at Warwick is an opt-in policy whereby you consent to be recorded and have your recording(s) published. Complete the Presenter consent form before requesting a recording. The legal terms are standard to most online video platforms.

Recordings in the lecture capture system are for use by your own students. Access is for the institution only and students are not allowed to share further.

All third party materials used should avoid breaching copyright. If third party materials are suitable for use in your teaching, then it is likely they are also suitable for use in lecture recordings and on the VLE. If you are in any doubt, please seek advice from the Library.

Lecture Capture Policy

The Lecture Capture Policy 2017 can be viewed on the Education Policy and Quality website.

Recording of Lectures by Students Policy

The Recording of Lectures by Students Policy can be viewed on the Education Policy and Quality website.

What you can record with Lecture Capture

There are various recording options available according to what you want to capture. The options available vary according to the equipment available in the chosen room or space.

  • Record 1 screen and audio of presenter [Presentation only]
  • Record 2 screens and audio of presenter [Presentation | Other]
  • Record 1 screen, video and audio of presenter [Presentation | Video]
  • Record video and audio of presenter [Video only]
  • Record audio of presenter only [Audio only]

Live streaming in Lecture Capture-enabled spaces

When scheduling a recording, there is an option to live stream where audiences outside of the room can view the session as it is being recorded. Echo360 live streaming can take place in any of the University’s lecture capture-enabled spaces.

However, the University does not recommend teaching to dual audiences i.e. a remote live audience at the same time as an in-room audience. See the University guidance on preferred delivery models for more information.

Where the live stream does not include any interactivity with the remote audience, there is no difference between students watching a recording or watching the live stream.

Universal Capture (Personal)

Universal Capture (Personal) can be installed on your own computer to enable you to record video content for your students outside of a face-to-face lecture. The software also enables you to edit your recordings before publishing them.

Recordings captured with Universal Capture can be published to Moodle in the same way as Lecture Capture, but they can also be downloaded from your personal Echo360 Library or shared using a URL.

What you can record with Universal Capture (Personal)

You can mix and match the configuration settings based on the equipment available to you or to suit the recording style or content you want to convey. For example, the input and display options include:

  • Single display with audio (slides and narration)
  • Single display with webcam video and audio (slides, narration, and you/document)
  • Two displays with audio

For example, you could record your slides and narration or record your slides, narration, and annotate a document recorded using your webcam (like an in-classroom visualiser).

Live streaming using Echo360 Universal Capture

Echo360 Universal Capture provides a live streaming function but the system requirements are high and may cause technical issues or a poor viewing experience, for both the presenter and audience. Therefore, we do not recommend the live streaming of lectures using this tool.

The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated March 2021.


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