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Video assignments via Moodle

You can set up Moodle's assignment activity to accept video content from students via Echo360. Through the Moodle interface, students upload their videos to the Echo360 platform and submit them for grading or review. Once submitted, these videos can no longer be edited by the student.

Please note that EchoVideo is now the recommended video platform for storing and sharing video content and has replaced eStream.

Set up a video assignment

  1. Add an assignment activity in MoodleLink opens in a new window
  2. Choose the appropriate settingsLink opens in a new window using the question mark icons to guide you.
  3. Under Submission settings, ensure that you enable the Online text submission type. Disable any others that are not required to keep it as simple as possible for students. For example, if you do not need students to submit any other file types along with their video, disable this option. Note: if visible, also disable the video/audio submission option as this relates to the old eStream platform which is being discontinued.
  4. Once students have submitted, the videos can be played within the assignment grading area of Moodle.
You can direct students to the Submitting media library content via Moodle guide.


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