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Allocate markers to specific submissions

Where a course has multiple markers, it is possible for course leaders and editing teachers to allocate individual markers to specific assignment submissions.

This could be used to ensure that subject specialists are assigned to mark questions about their
specialism or where assignments relate to specific projects.

Please note that it is only possible to allocate in this way to Non-editing teacher and Marker roles. Course leaders and editing teachers will see all assignments.

Turn on marking workflow and marker allocation

  1. Turn editing on in your Moodle space.
  2. Add your assignment using Add activity or resource
  3. In the settings for the assignment, expand the Grade section.

    Set use marking workflow and allocation to yes
  4. Set Use marking workflow to yes.
  5. Set Use marking allocation to yes.
  6. Click Save and Display.

Allocate Markers

  1. Go to the assignment where you wish to allocated specific participants submissions to markers.
  2. Click on View all submissions.View all submissions
  3. Select all or some of the submissions using the check boxes and then use the drop down list to select Set allocated marker and click Go.Select participants to allocate markers
  4. Click OK to confirm you wish to continue with allocating markers.Confirm you wish to allocate markers to these participants
  5. On the next screen, select the allocated marker from the drop down list and click save changes.Set the allocated marker for the participants
  6. The name of the allocated marker is now shown in the grading screen. Here you can see that each marker has been allocated 2 items to grade (when submitted).Markers listed against participants and submissions
  7. When the markers / non-editing teachers login and click on 'view all assignments', they will only see the submissions that have been allocated to them.Markers will only see their own list

For more information see use marking allocationLink opens in a new window on

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated January 2019.


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