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Core questions

The University recommends that a common set of questions is used for Student Module Feedback. This is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended and it will assist when departments need to aggregate data across programmes.

The following questions are proposed (and further questions may be added by departments) with a five point Likert scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree):

1. Please name the one thing in the module which has had the most impact on your learning (open question)
2. Module content is delivered in an engaging way (strongly disagree to strongly agree)
3. Feedback (on work, in class, or other forms) received on the module enhances my learning (strongly disagree to strongly agree)
4. The module is well organised (strongly disagree to strongly agree)
5. Appropriate support is available to me throughout the module (strongly disagree to strongly agree)
6. The module offers an appropriate level of intellectual challenge (strongly disagree to strongly agree)


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