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Step 4: Reports

As soon as a questionnaire have received responses, staff with relevant access rights can preview anonymised results in Moodle, see Step 3: Preview responses.

For an Essay question list of all responses will be shown:

For a Rate scale question Moodle shows the total number of responses, count and percentage of answers for each option, average and mode:

After the SMF questionnaire has been closed for students, the data is uploaded to a reporting database and module leaders and authorised departmental staff can request feedback reports on

  • individual modules
  • individual tutors
  • aggregated data over a single year per module or per department
  • data on a particular module over multiple years (if available)

Here you can see Example of Student Module Feedback report for a module and Example of summary report over all modules.

Departments may request any specific statistical analysis or data aggregation by contacting the SMF Team at smf at warwick dot ac dot uk.

For those departments that had been using the paper-based module evaluation service in IT Services, the data from the online survey may be integrated with their historical data.

Contact us: smf at warwick dot ac dot uk


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