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Edit page layout

Mahara has been updated in version 20.04 to have a flexible grid-based layout where blocks can be dragged and dropped in locations, resized both vertically and horizontally in order to best suit the content added.

The grid is based on boostrap and is therefore 12 columns wide. Blocks can span any number of columns and rows.

For all editable pages (dashboard, profile page, and standard pages):

  1. Turn on editing by clicking on the pencil edit icon
  2. Drag and drop blocks into the required location by clicking and holding the mouse pointer on the block header where the move icon appears. A faint dotted grey line will indicate the location the block will appear in.
  3. Resize blocks by clicking, holding and dragging the resize icon at the bottom right of the block. You may need to move blocks after resizing to tidy the layout.
  4. Rename blocks by clicking on the edit cog on the block header. Amend the title, and click Save.
  5. Delete blocks by clicking on the trash icon on the block header. If this is not present, then blocks have been locked in the advanced options by the page creator.

See this page in the user guide for more information on the Page editor


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