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Manage a Group homepage

Access the group homepage

  1. Click on Main menu, expand the Engage section and click on Groups, or click on Engage on the Dashboard.
  2. Find or search for the Group
  3. Click on the Group name to access the group homepage

The group homepage is the central space for a group.

On this page, the Group administrator can:

  • Click the Edit this page button to make changes to the group homepage.
  • Click the Settings button to make changes to the group settings.
  • Click the Copy button to duplicate the group. The group’s files, journals, pages, collections and group settings are copied. Group membership and forums are not copied
  • Click the Delete group button if you want to permanently delete the group. Group members will receive a notification about the deletion.

Homepage sections / tabs


The members' section allows group administrators to view all the members in the group and to:

  • Search for members
  • Change a member's role in the group (for example to make someone an admin)
  • Remove a member from the group
  • Send multiple invitations


Forums are visible to all the group members and enable members to communicate and organise, as well as provide feedback to each other.

To set up a new forum:

  1. Click on the New Forum button
  2. Give the forum a title and description
  3. Optionally, specify how the topics in this forum should be indented.
  4. Under Forum settings, choose whether group users will be subscribed to this forum automatically. When subscribed, users will receive notifications when new posts and replies are made in the forum. Users will have the option to unsubscribe if they do not want to be notified.
  5. Choose one or more moderators for your forum.
  6. Decide who in your group is allowed to create topics within that forum.
    • All group members - any group member can create new topics and reply to existing topics.
    • Moderators and group administrators - only moderators and group administrators can start new topics, but once topics exist, all users can post replies to them.
  7. Click Save.


Group journals are used in the same way as personal journals to record the development of ideas etc. All group members can add entries and add these to the group pages.


The Share tab is visible to all members of the group with edit permissions.

See the guide on sharing pages and collections

A group portfolio can be copied into the personal pages and collections section for group members by setting the Copy for existing group members switch in the Advanced options. This is a good way to share templates with a wider group of people efficiently.


The Files area in a group holds all files that are uploaded by group members who have the permission to do so.

The information on this page relates to Mahara 20.04 and was last updated August 2020.


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