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Roles and their function in Moodle

This guide details what a 'role' is in Moodle, the different roles that are available in Moodle and what rights they entail. 

What is a role?

A role is a collection of permissions that are assigned to specific users in specific contexts. The combination of roles and context define a specific user's ability to do something on any Moodle space.

The most common examples of roles at Warwick are 'student' and 'editing teacher'.

Please note, you will need to have at least an Editing Teacher role (i.e Editing teacher, Course leader or Manager) on the module space in order to add users with a Non-editing teacher, Student or Guest role.

Standard roles

Almost every capability in a course or category. Full editing/viewing rights and ability to change course settings, enrolments, filters etc.

Course Leader

Can do almost anything within a course, including adding or changing the activities and grading students, and is responsible for managing course settings and resets.

Editing teacher

This role will allow a user to do almost anything within a module space, including: editing module setup, adding resources and activities and grading students. By default, an editing teacher can also assign the “non-editing teacher” and “student” role to other users. Please note, a user will need this role in order to edit Lecture Capture recordings via the Moodle space. This role cannot delete or reset courses.

Non-editing teacher

A non-editing teacher is able to view and grade students' work, but may not add, update or delete any of the activities or resources.


Can participate in course activities and view resources but not alter them or see the class gradebook. They can see their own grades if the teacher has allowed this.

Other roles
Course and Gradebook viewer

A flexible role for any users who require access to courses (including hidden courses) but no editing privileges. This role has permission to view all grades and hidden grades.

Course Browser

Gives read-only access. The user is unable to participate in any activities.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.6 and was last updated March 2020.


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