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Create groups

This guide explains the use of groups in Moodle and is aimed at users with editing rights of spaces who want to enable students to work more effectively as groups.

When and why to use groups and groupings

Groups and groupings are used to group students into smaller or larger groups to view resources or work together on an activity so that there is no need to create a separate activity for each group - instead, a single activity is configured to be a group-based activity.

Students can be assigned to one or more groups. Alternatively, you can let students choose for themselves by adding a group choice activity.

Before going through the steps of setting up Groups, you may want to consider Tabula Small Group sync in Moodle. This feature will allow you to import the Tabula small groups into the associated Moodle space and you (as a tutor) can then use the groups for activities specific to Moodle, such as groups of students each assigned separate activities or resources. Like Tabula small groups, in Moodle students can also be in multiple groups at once.

If you already have Tabula Small Groups setup for a module, then your departmental Learning Technologist or the Academic Technology team can help you set up the Tabula small group sync in Moodle.

Create a group

  1. Open the action menu from the gear icon at the top right of the Moodle space.
  2. Select 'More' from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select 'Groups' from the 'Users' tab.
  4. Click on 'Create group' to open the group creation page and complete the following fields:
    • Group name - Give the group a name that the students will recognise or that makes sense in the context of the Moodle space.
    • Group description - This is optional, but it may be useful to describe what this group is to be used for or who is a member of it in order to remind yourself and help distinguish between groups when there is a larger number.
    • New picture - This is optional but may be useful in distinguishing groups or in creating a group identity.
  5. Click 'Save changes' to save the group. You will be returned to the group management page where you can add and remove users from groups.
    • Select the group that you wish to edit. This will show you a list of the current members (if any).
    • Click 'Add/remove users' to add or remove participants. This will open the Add/remove users page.
    • Select the course participants (on the right) that you would like to add to this group and click on 'Add' in the centre.
    • Click on 'Back to groups' when you have added all the relevant members to the group. The page will update to show the students now in that group.
  6. Click through the groups on the left to see the list of participants allocated to each one.
You will need to repeat this process for each group that you wish to create.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.8 and was last updated October 2020.


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