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Add personal information using a CV (Résumé)

You can collate CV or résumé information in Mahara and add all of it, or just individual sections to pages in your portfolio. Mahara has a dedicated section to store this accessed via the User menu.

All information held in the CV section is private until added to your profile or another page.

The Student Opportunities: Careers website provides advice and support with developing a CV.

In this guide:

Open the CV (Résumé) section

  1. Click on the main menu icon, expand the Create section, and select Résumé.
  2. Navigate through the sections below using the résumé navigation bar at the top of the page.


Add a cover letter and personal information (note that this is distinct from your profile information).

Cover letter

  • Click the Edit button below the text box.
  • Add text and use the content editor to add images, change the format and add links etc.
  • Click Save

You can find information on creating cover letters on the Student Opportunity: Careers pages.

Personal information

None of these fields are compulsory, add as many or as few as you want based on your requirements.

Education and employment

Add a summary of your Education and employment history here. You can add any number of entries.

  • Click Add
  • Type in the start date, and the following compulsory information (we recommend that you add as much information as is available in each case):
    • Education - the Institution name; optionally, add the qualification type and name, and a description.
    • Employment - the employer name and job title; optionally add the employer address, and a description of the role.
  • Click Save


This section is for recording your achievements more broadly - from publications to professional memberships. In each case:

  • Click Add
  • Complete the compulsory (and optional) fields as indicated below
  • Click Save

Certifications, Accreditations and Awards

  • Compulsory - Date and Title
  • Optional - Description and Attach Files

Books and Publications

  • Compulsory – Date, Title and Contribution
  • Optional – Details of your Contribution, Attach Files and URL

Professional Membership

  • Compulsory – Start Date and Title
  • Optional – End date, Description and Attach Files

Goals and skills

Add personal, academic and career goals and personal, academic and work skills, into the relevant sections.

  1. Click on the pencil edit icon
  2. Add a description and any relevant files as attachments.
  3. Click Save


The final section is Interests, and has a single editable text field to add details to.

  • Click the Edit button
  • Add text and use the content editor to add images, change the format and add links etc.
  • Click Save

Add your résumé information to a page

  1. Select the Personal info section of the block menu to add résumé information to any page.
  2. Drag and drop either My entire Résumé or One Résumé field* onto one of the grey content containers.
  3. A window will 'fly-in' from the right where you can, optionally, change the block title.
  4. *Choose the résumé field that you want to display.
  5. Click save and the option you have chosen will appear on the page.

Add content (such as part or all of your CV) to a page.

The information on this page relates to Mahara 19.10 and was last updated May 2020.


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