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Edit video thumbnail

Log into and search for your video in MyHome.

  1. Select your video
  2. Click More in the video details pane
  3. Hover over Edit Options
  4. Select Edit Thumbnail

Edit thumbnail menu

Set the thumbnail from video

  1. Select the appropriate frame of the video on the left hand side video preview window (by playing it, or dragging the progress / scrubbing bar (1)).
  2. Click on Set thumbnail from video (2) and you will see the thumbnail image update.
  3. Click Submit Thumbnail to finish (4).

Upload an image file

  1. Click Upload Thumbnail from File (3). We recommend .jpg or .png file formats and that you resize the image to match the size of your video but smaller and larger images will also work.
  2. Click Submit thumbnail to finish (4).

Options for edit thumbnail

The information on this page relates to eStream and was last updated December 2020.


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