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Add a feedback activity

This guide explains what the Feedback activity is, how to create it, and how to analyse responses.

The Feedback activity enables a teacher to create a custom survey for collecting feedback from participants using a variety of question types including multiple choice, yes/no or text input. Feedback responses may be anonymous if desired, and results may be shown to all participants or restricted to teachers only.

Feedback activities may be used:

  • For simple feedback/data collection
  • To enable participants to sign up for course modules, events etc
  • To allow students to report incidents anonymously

IMPORTANT: For collecting and reporting more advanced feedback, like Module evaluation,Link opens in a new window where Likert scales are to be used, for example, the Questionnaire tool should be preferred for a number of reasons including a wider range of question types and enhanced reporting output.

Create the Feedback activity

  1. In the relevant Moodle space, turn editing on.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Select Feedback from the list.
  4. Give your Feedback activity a Name.
  5. Provide a Description. This could be used to display instructions, inform the student that the feedback is anonymous (if appropriate), say how their data will be used, etc. This will be the first thing that a student will see when they click on the Feedback activity.
  6. Under Availability, you have the option to make the activity available between certain dates and times. If relevant, tick the enable checkbox and enter the required dates and times.
  7. Under Questions and submission settings, you can review the following options:
    • Record user names: Choose whether to show the names of users who complete the feedback.
    • Allow multiple submissions: Choose whether to allow users to complete the feedback more than once.
    • Enable notification of submissions: If set to 'Yes' then those with a course leader, manager or teacher role will receive notifications when users submit feedback.
    • Auto number questions: If set to 'Yes' then the questions will be automatically numbered.
  8. Under After submission, choose whether you want to show the Analysis overview, or results, to students. You can also add a Completion message which will be displayed once users have submitted their feedback.
  9. At the bottom of the page, click Save and display.

Add questions

  1. On the next screen, click on the Edit questions tab.
  2. Select a suitable question type from the Add question drop-down menu.
  3. Add your question details and click Save question.

For more information on question types, please see the Moodle Docs webpage.

The following options apply to all or most question types:

  • Position
    This number controls the order of the questions. When you create or edit a question, you can choose from the dropdown of available positions. You can also rearrange questions by clicking the position up and down arrows on the main Add questions screen. Position 1 is the question nearest the top of the page.
  • Required
    These questions must be answered before the user can submit their feedback. They are highlighted with a red star for users, and have a yellow exclamation point beside them when editing Feedback questions.


Once users have provided their feedback, click on the Analysis tab for an overview report of responses. This includes graphical representation of the total number of responses and the option to export the raw data to Excel. The Show responses tab will show each of the responses on a single overview page.

More information on the Feedback activity is available at Moodle Docs.Link opens in a new window

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.10 and was last updated September 2021.


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