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Padlet Guides

Name Description
Add collaborators to a Padlet This guide details how you can add other people as collaborators on a Padlet with read, write, edit or administration permissions.
Introduction to Padlet Padlet enables you to create 'online boards' where students, tutors and colleagues can share and collaborate. With a variety of board types, support for files and multimedia and simple sharing options, Padlet is a versatile tool for synchronous and asynchronous activities.
Introduction to Padlet at Warwick
Padlet Accessibility Padlet Accessibility
Padlet FAQs This guide provides answers to some frequently asked questions about Warwick Padlet.
Set up a Padlet account This guide details how to set up a Padlet account, update your basic info and import existing Padlet content from another account.
Share a Padlet This guide details how to share a padlet with students, colleagues and people external to the University.


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