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Student Module Feedback Guides

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Introduction to Student Module Feedback During 2017/18 at Warwick University we reviewed our Module Evaluation approach. This review was governed by the Student Learning Experience and Engagement Committee (SLEEC). As a result, a new Module Evaluation Policy and Guidance were produced and a centrally supported SMF service was created.
Core questions A set of core questions was chosen by SLEEC and recommended for use as a part of module feedback questionnaires across the university. This is not mandatory, and departments may choose to adopt all questions, part of the set, or none. They can also include their own questions if required.
Access responses By default, anyone with a Manager, Course Leader, Editing Teacher or Non-editing teacher role in a module can see the Student Module Feedback responses by clicking on the link within a module.
Step 1: Add SMF questionnaire to the module space Use Moodle 'Questionnaire' tool to set up an SMF questionnaire. There is a special template containing the recommended core set of questions that can help to do it quicker and easier. Add own questions to target particular aspects of module teaching.
Step 2: Publish to students When the survey goes live, the recommended approach is to put aside five minutes in a taught session to ask students to fill the survey in answer the questionnaire online during the session.
Step 3: Preview responses Click on the link to the SMF from your Moodle course page, and click 'View responses' to show a quick overview of responses. There are also options to download the responses as a CSV file and to send non-respondents a reminder to fill in the questionnaire while it is open.
Step 4: Reports When the questionnaire closes, the data is transferred to a database. Module leaders and authorised departmental colleagues can request reports from the central SMF service or preview a basic report in Moodle.


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