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eStream Help Guides

Name Description
Access eStream content How to access the personal content that you have added to eStream via your eStream homepage.
Edit a video in eStream Use the Edit Studio to edit videos that you have uploaded to eStream, replacing the original recording, or saving as a new video.
Edit video thumbnail Use the editing suite to change the video thumbnail shown when embedding estream into Moodle or Mahara.
eStream Mobile App The Mobile App provides a simple interface for users to upload videos into the University’s eStream platform from iOS and Android devices,
How to add eStream videos to Mahara Adding eStream content to Mahara using an embed code.
Introduction to eStream eStream is a media streaming service available to all staff and students at the university. It converts uploaded media content into web friendly files (MP4/MP3) that are of a suitable size and format to stream over the web.
Sharing an eStream video with a link Sharing an eStream video with a link
Sharing eStream content in Moodle There are three ways to share eStream content in Moodle, via a URL or embedded.
Upload and create video in the eStream portal Guide to uploading and creating videos using the eStream portal.
Uploading a closed captions (subtitles) file to eStream Upload captions to eStream to create accessible videos for embedding in Moodle.


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