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eStream Mobile App

The Mobile App provides a simple interface for users to upload videos into the University’s eStream platform.

The Planet eStream App is available for the following mobile platforms:

Android app

Download the app from the Play Store
iOS app Download the app from the Apple Store

Logging in to the App

  1. Tap the Planet eStream App on your mobile device.
  2. Type in the University's Planet eStream URL
  3. Login to eStream using your University IT username and password.

Uploading a video

    1. Tap the Upload Video icon.
    2. Select a video from your device to upload.
    3. Add a Title and Description.
    4. Select the Publishing Policy for your video (iOS only).
    5. Tap Private* (note, by default the video will be made public when uploading using the App).
    6. Tap Upload Video.
    *If you're uploading using an Android device, then the video will be made 'Public'. You will need to use the eStream web interface to change the upload to 'Private'.

    Record & Upload Video

    1. Tap the Record and Upload Video icon.
    2. Tap Record Video.
    3. Record your video and tap Use Video.
    4. Follow the above 'Upload a video' steps to upload the video into eStream (steps 3 to 6).
    Please note the 'Upload video' process may vary slightly depending on which mobile operating system you're using.
    The information on this page relates to eStream and was last updated April 2020.


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