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Set reminders for activities and events

The Reminders feature allows you to enable email reminders to be sent to students for calendar events in a Moodle space. They are available for the following:

  • Activity events - for example, the due date for an assignment, the close date for a quiz.
  • Course events - events manually added to the calendar in the Moodle space by an editing teacher or other user with editing rights.
  • Group events - events added by an editor for a specific group. (Groups must already be set up in the Moodle space.)
  • User events - events any user may add to their personal Moodle calendar.

How to enable reminders

  1. Click the Actions menu in the Moodle space.
  2. From the dropdown list, click Reminders.
  3. By default, the following reminders are enabled at a course level:
    • Activity event reminders
    • Course event reminders
    • Group event reminders
  4. However, for activity and course events you must enable them individually if you want students to receive reminder emails. Under Upcoming Activities, tick the Enabled box for each event you want to send reminders for.
  5. By default, reminders will be sent 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before the event due date and time. You can deselect as required.
  6. Moodle will also send overdue reminders for activities. Deselect the Overdue enabled option if you do not want these to be sent. Activity reminders will not be sent to students once they have completed them.
  7. Click the Save changes button. The page will refresh showing your updated settings.
The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.10 and was last updated March 2022.


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