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Components for Learning

Components for Learning is a collection of visual units which help to emphasize key content and make your Moodle space visually appealing. There are three main uses of the components:

  • Contextual components for reminders, useful tips, figures, quotations, reading context, etc.
  • Procedural components for attention, displaying due dates, estimated time for tasks, etc.
  • Evaluative components for information on feedback and grading.

Adding a component

Components can be easily added anywhere in your Moodle space by clicking the Components for learning (c4l) button in the Atto editor, as displayed below. The icon is the last one on the toolbar and resembles a square box with a handle on top.

The Components for Learning icon in the Atto editor

To add a component to content that is already in the Atto editor, highlight the content, then click the Components for Learning icon to select the appropriate component.

Component examples

Below you will find some screenshots illustrating a selection of the components available. Please note the Components for Learning website showcases all of the components, and provides useful information including use cases and best practice.


The 'attention' card in Components for Learning

Expected feedback

The 'expected feedback' card in Components for Learning

Inline tag

The 'inline tag' card in Components for Learning


The 'quote' card in Components for Learning


The 'reminder' card in Components for Learning

The information on this page relates to Components4Learning and was last updated July 2023.


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