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Creating a URL in Moodle

A URL is a link to a website or online file.

1. Click 'Add an activity or resource' in the Section/Topic where you want the URL to be.

2. Choose 'URL (weblink)' from the list of 'Resources' and click the 'Add' button.

3. Give the URL a 'Name' and type/paste the URL into the 'External URL' box. You may also want to give the URL a description.

4. Scroll down the settings page and you'll see by default, URL's open in a new window so a user can access and use the URL, close it and return easily to their original Moodle course page.

However, URL's can be displayed in various ways. A nice way to display a webpage is to change the 'Appearance' to 'Embed'

5. Click 'Save and display' at the bottom of the settings page.

6. You will then see the URL embedded within your Moodle course, as users will see when they click the URL link from the course page.

Note: This ONLY works with URL's that begin https:// (if it's http:// then it is recommended that you use 'New Window').

For more advanced guidance on Adding a URL to Moodle please see:

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated October 2018.


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