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Navigate a Moodle space

This guide explains how to navigate your Moodle space. It details similarities and differences with the Moodle dashboard and indicates where you can edit the Moodle space.

You may see each individual module referred to in Moodle as a course. At Warwick, each individual module is referred to as a space. This is to distinguish modules from a student's overall course, e.g. BA History.

Find a Moodle space

Each module has its own corresponding Moodle space. You may find a Moodle space:

  • In the course list in the left-hand navigation drawer, or in the Modules and other courses block in the centre of your Dashboard
  • By entering the module name or code into the search tool
  • By clicking on a Moodle link provided in an email or on the University website
    • Clicking this link will open the Moodle space if you are already logged into Moodle, or go via the the login page if not.

If you cannot find a particular course, it likely means that the course is hidden from participants or that you are not enrolled on it. Please contact the course leader, the academic technologist(s) in your department (see contacts here) or e-mail moodle at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Moodle space layout

Many of the elements that make up your Moodle space will appear the same as on your dashboard, such as:

  • The blocks section on the right-hand side
  • The search tool
  • The user menu
  • Notifications

The main differences are:

  • The centre content will now show all of your course content and activities. This is the core of the course where students can access content and editors can make changes.
  • Course title and breadcrumb trail at the top
    • The breadcrumb trail shows where your course sits in Moodle, e.g. Dashboard > Courses > [academic year] > [course name]. Click on other items in the breadcrumb trail to navigate other categories.
  • The navigation drawer on the left-hand side
    • As well as links to your dashboard, calendar and other courses you are enrolled in, you will now also see:
      • The Participants list of all students and staff enrolled on the course
      • Badges you have earned, where applicable
      • Grades where students can view their own grades, and editors can see all participants' grades. Editors can manage and export this data here.
      • Links to other Sections of the course

Moodle spaces can look very different depending on the chosen course format and added content. For more information on layouts, please see the Structure your course guide.

Editing a Moodle space

At the top right of a course, click the gear icon to open the actions or course administration menu to enable you to edit and structure the Moodle space. This is only available for participants with editing rights on a Moodle space.

Finding your way around Moodle

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.10 and was last updated September 2021.


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