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Navigate the Moodle dashboard

The Moodle Dashboard is a customisable homepage that provides you, most importantly, with links to the courses that you are enrolled on. It is structured with a navigation drawer (1) on the left containing links to your Moodle courses, a central information area with a course overview (2), and a right-hand column (5) where certain 'blocks' can be added.


1. Menu

The left hand side menu (or navigation drawer) can be hidden or opened using the ☰ button (burger icon) at the top left.

At dashboard level this menu links to a calendar, outlining deadline dates for activities in courses that you are enrolled on, and also gives a list of your courses you are enrolled on, which can also be used to navigate between courses when you are at the course level.

2. Modules and other courses

In the centre is the default 'Modules and other courses' overview which lists your module spaces, in a tabbed view, by academic year (allowing you to go back and look at previous academic year modules). The last tab, 'Additional courses', gives you access to courses that are not associated with an academic year, such as general Health and Safety courses that you have enrolled on. This area also shows 'starred' courses i.e. courses where you have manually selected the star icon that appears on the right hand side of the course title to display this course on the top of the dashboard for quick access.

If you cannot find a particular course on your dashboard, it likely means that the course is hidden from participants or that you are not enrolled on it. Please contact the course leader, the academic technologist(s) in your department (see contacts here) or e-mail moodle at warwick dot ac dot uk.

3. Recently accessed courses

This block sits in the centre of the dashboard underneath 'Modules and other courses' and is new to Moodle 3.6. It is displayed by default and shows the courses which you have most recently accessed. You can scroll the content horizontally using the scroll bar.

4. Management tools

In the top right corner, you can use the Search tool to find a space by module code or (part of) name. It will return a list of matching items, with your search term highlighted. Please note that items with identical names can exist for different academic years and the displayed list is not necessarily listing the items for the most recent academic year at the top.

User menu

Click your name in the top right corner to open the user menu where you can update your profile, check your grades, send and receive messages, set your preferences and log out from Moodle. You can also access the dashboard from this menu wherever you are within Moodle.


The bell icon next to the Search bar in the top right corner is a button that opens the 'Notifications' screen. If you have any unread notifications, a red badge / number will be displayed next to the bell icon.


The Dashboard can be customised i.e. you can add, move and remove some 'blocks', such as Latest Badges. You can also reset the Dashboard to its default layout if you decide that you do not want the additional items.

  1. Click on 'Customise this page' in the top right corner of the Dashboard.
  2. Make the desired changes:
    • The four-headed arrow allows you to move blocks.
    • Click on the burger icon (burger menu) to open the Navigation Drawer if not already open. Click on 'Add block' in the bottom of the Navigation Drawer and select the desired block type to add a new block.
    • Click on the gear icon (cog icon) in the top right corner of an individual block to make changes to or to delete an existing block.
  3. Click on 'Stop customising this page' to save the changes to the Dashboard.
5. Blocks area

The right hand side on both the dashboard and course level can host different blocks (features). These blocks can be added, moved or deleted: for Moodle spaces follow this guide and for the dashboard see the steps under 'Customisation' above. Useful and/or frequently used blocks include 'Latest announcements', 'Latest badges', and 'Tags'.

Moodle 3.6 Dashboard

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.6 and was last updated February 2020.


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