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Navigate the Moodle dashboard

This guide summarises the main features of the Moodle dashboard.

The Moodle Dashboard is a customisable homepage that provides links to the modules that you are enrolled on. The main features include:

  • Navigation drawer down the left-hand side for deadlines, calendar links, and courses you are enrolled in
  • Overview of courses you are enrolled in, tabbed by academic year in the central area
  • Recently accessed courses
  • A right-hand column where blocks (i.e. features) can be added
  • Management tools such as search, user menu, notifications, and customisation
    • User menu: Click your name in the top-right corner to update your profile, check your grades, send messages, and log out. Editors also see an option to Switch role toLink opens in a new window.
    • Notifications: Click the bell icon in the top-right corner to open notifications. If you have any unread notifications, a red badge will appear next to the bell (with a number for multiple notifications).
    • Customisation: Click Customise this page in the top-right corner of the Dashboard to move or delete existing blocks. Add new blocks by clicking Add a block at the bottom of the navigation drawer on the left. Click Stop customising this page to save changes.

Moodle Dashboard

Watch the Moodle video below for more information on the dashboard (03:48):

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.10 and was last updated September 2021.


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