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Overview of the gradebook

The gradebook gathers together information (grades / marks) for all assessed activities in a moodle space. It allows the teacher to view and change these as well as calculate totals. The gradebook is automatically updated to include an entry for any new assessed activity that is added to the Moodle space. The most commonly assessed / graded activities are quizzes, assignments, forums, lessons, workshops and glossaries (as well as SCORM packages) but all activities can be set up to be recorded in the gradebook if you wish.

Grades are recorded as numeric i.e. 1 -100; as scales e.g. 17 point or custom 'pass / fail' scale; or a letter grade which can be linked to %.

Grades are not automatically synced with Tabula and need to be manually transferred if required for departmental reporting.

Students are able to access the gradebook overview and user reports to monitor their progress and grades through the course (see below).

The gradebook gives access to a number of reports and settings via a drop down menu at the top right.

Grader report and drop down menu


Grader report

This report provides a (scrolling) list of all students and available assessed activities within this moodle space, showing the individual marks or grades achieved by each student against each of the assessed components as well as average student results for an activity, and overall result for individual students.

When an activity is completed and graded, marks will be displayed as raw marks from the individual assessments e.g. if someone scores 17 out of 20, you will see 17 as the result. The gradebook settings need to be amended to show percentage scores for these.

Outcomes report

Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student has demonstrated and understood at the completion of an activity or course. Each outcome is rated by some sort of scale. Other terms for outcomes are 'Competencies' and 'Goals'. See the OutcomesLink opens in a new window page on for more information.

Overview report

For students, this lists courses they are students in under the heading "Courses I am taking". If a student clicks on a course name, they will be taken to their user report for activities in that course.

Single view

Single view allows a teacher to view either all the grades of one single student or a single grade item for all students.

Choose 'single view' from the drop down list and then filter on the page that opens, or click on the pencil icon next to a participant or an assessed item to open single view directly.

Accessing single view from the grader report

Single view for an individual participant shows the list of assignments etc as well as the course total.

The single view of a participant showing assignments

Grades can be excluded, or over-ridden and modified. It is also possible to bulk insert a grade if you wish to give the grade 0 to all students who did not submit work.

User report

This is what the students see when accessing the gradebook. It shows them a full list of their grades. They cannot see the grades for any other student.

Choose 'user report' from the drop down list (teachers can also click on the table icon next to a participant) to open the report.

A students user report

2) Setup

Gradebook setup

Course grade settings

Preferences: grader report

3) Scales

Scales may be used in Forums, Glossaries and Assignments for rating and/or grading a student's activity.

For information on marking scales used at Warwick, see the marking pageLink opens in a new window on the Teaching QualityLink opens in a new window website.

Select view to see a list of current scales available within Moodle. Alternatively click on Add a new scale at the bottom of the page to create your own custom scale.

4) Outcomes

See opens in a new window for more information on outcomes.

5) Letters

Import and export

The final items in the drop down menu are options to import and export grade information as csv, excel or text.

Turn editing on

Overview of the gradebook

For more information on the gradebook visit grader reportLink opens in a new window on the site.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated January 2019.




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