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Edit your course

Turn on editing

In order to add content, activities, resources or blocks to your Moodle space, you need to Turn editing on via the course settings cog on the top right.

Turn on editing

If you cannot see the cog, you will need to request editing rights from the course leader, your departmental "Moodle contacts", or via moodle at warwick dot ac dot uk.

  1. Edit settings - this opens the 'Edit course settings' screen where you can change the course visibility (hide and show to students), set start and end dates for the course, choose a course format, enable completion tracking and edit the maximum file upload limit amongst other options.
  2. Turn editing on - this switches on editing for the space so that you can amend existing and add new activities, resources and blocks.

When you select turn editing on, you will see additional icons appearing on the screen. Course sections will appear laid out in a table view.

Adding new content

Each section has a small cog on the top left which opens the section name, summary and option to restrict access. It also contains a link Add an activity or resource on the right hand side (See Add content to your course).

Different course formats - for example grid, topics, collapsed topics - have the edit option for sections in slightly different locations using the edit drop down or the cog icon.

Collapsed Topics, Grid
Collapsed Topics Format Edit

Topics, Weekly
Topics format edit

A new link will also appear on the bottom left below the navigation drawer / menu to Add a block.

Moodle Add a Block

Editing existing content

Existing resources and activities will have an Edit option on the right hand side. Click on this to open the menu with access to Edit settings to change the name, add or remove access, set up activity completion etc.

Blocks have a cog icon, similar to individual sections, which gives access to edit this instance of the block.

Change location of content

Use the move icon to drag and drop items to a new location (activities and resources within a section in the centre of the space; blocks within the right column).

Click on Move right in the editmenu to indent activities and resources wihtin a section.

Remove or copy items

Click hide to hide (but not delete) an activity or resource.

Click delete to permanently delete an activity or resource - this cannot be undone so please use carefully.

Click on duplicate in the menu to copy an activity or resource.


Activities also have the group icon to the right so that groups can be assigned their own version of a particular activity.

Basics of a course and how to edit your space

Adding and editing text

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated July 2018.


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