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Add a course header

1. Click the ‘Edit’ link at the very top of the course page and then ‘Edit section’.

2. In the ‘Summary’ box – find and click the templates icon ( ) from the toolbar.

3. There are two templates that you can choose to use for a course header. One with a large Image and text underneath, the other a small image located on the left with text to the right. Click on either to preview them.

4. When you have chosen which template you want to use, click ‘Insert’.

5. You can then replace the text in the template with your own.

6. To change the image, double click it then choose ‘Browse repositories’.

7. Click ‘Upload a file’ and then ‘Browse’.

8. Double click the required file from your computer and then choose ‘Upload this file’.

9. Notice the default image on the header template shows the ideal size for the picture. Ideally you should re-size the image BEFORE uploading (, however if you don’t want to do that, or you’re not sure how, you can change the size of the image in Moodle before clicking ‘Save Image’.

Suggested sizes:
Large image template: 1000 x 400px
Small image template: 200 x 200px